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Criteria & Guidelines

  • Awards will be strictly on merit- by recommendation, nomination and selection.
  • Citizens can be self nominated or nominated by iCONGO and our members, partners & management, our nominators, citizens at large and past awardees, but all nominations have to be routed through the panel of official nominators.
  • Nominations can be sent by post or online (online preferred and more desired than snail mail, unless not possible due to lack of access to net by an awardee)
  • Any Form, received after the last day of Submission, will not be considered for selection .To accept forms post submission day, in case of delay due to unforeseen circumstances, shall be at the discretion of the management.
  • The selection shall be done through a detailed online process, as set in the process paper by MERCER. We shall send the nominations to our Selection Committee and have an online discussion to seek their independent approval and/or dissent, with clear rationale based on researched profiles and past work of all nominees.
  • In case of single nominations in any category we reserve the right to select or reject the nominee for the final award, based on the information provided and the research we conduct to find more about the nominee and how much she/ he deserves the KarmaVeer for her / his work. The decision of the management in such cases is final and binding.
  • The awardees will be given a trophy and a citation. The award does not involve any cash prize and any request for cash or monetary benefits by nominees or awardees shall not be entertained and the management reserves the right to reject any such nominations with immediate effect.
  • The details of all the awardees will be put up on our website.
  • The awardees will be intimated one month before the awards function.
  • Awards shall not be given in absentia. However Awards in absentia may be considered at the discretion of the management, in case of any mishaps or unavoidable/ unforeseen circumstances due to which the awardees cannot be present. In case the management decides not to give away the award in absentia, after knowing the reasons for being unable to attend, then the management reserves the right to cancel the award or carry it forward to the next year. In case the award is given in absentia, a close family member or a colleague shall be present to receive the award and the awardee shall send in an acceptance speech on DVD or VCD format.
  • Award may be given posthumously to next of kin, who shall be present to receive award.
  • There is no age bar for awardees.
  • The KarmaVeer Puraskaar is held every year on 26th November at Delhi. All KarmaVeer nominees/ finalists awardees shall attend the awards ceremony and make their own travel arrangements and bear their own expenses. iCONGO shall only help all awardees to facilitate accommodation, if help is needed for planning their stay in Delhi.
  • All awardees shall have to be present through the entire awards ceremony and stay on till the end of the ceremony as a mark of respect and to show dignity towards other fellow awardees.
  • The awards shall be given in a set sequence, as given in the KarmaVeer Booklet or decided by the management for the ceremony. No requests to change the sequence or receive the award faster shall be entertained.
  • In case of any misconduct or unbecoming behavior by any awardee who has received a KarmaVeer Puraskaar, the management reserves the right to cancel the award even in the future and the persons name shall be removed from all websites.

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