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History of the Awards

The KarmaVeer Puraskaar Awards were established in 2004 by independent social work practitioner Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida , founder of ICONGO who felt , that there should be an awards ceremony to recognise the hard work and positive impact that social workers have on the lives of vulnerable children, families and adults.The aim of the KVP Awards is to recognize and inspire individual citizen social responsibility, justice' and action initiatives.

In a country of almost 1 billion Indians, we have many awards for movie stars and other achievers launched by tobacco, FMCG, media, and beverage brands as marketing campaigns but we are yet to recognise the real-life unsung heroes who believe that it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness by leading a change.KarmaVeer Puraskaar is given to change dreamers and doers who practise philanthropy for social justice"-Jeroninio Almeida, founder and chief volunteer, iCONGO. For the first time, these awards are for individual citizens from various sectors, for excellence and best practices in promoting social justice & action in their sector. Citizens are nominated and selected in the corporate, government, media, SME, students & other sectors, who have contributed to social justice & action. The award is given to citizens individually for their contribution in leading change and is not for any organization.

Over the years the awardee list has grown and touched many parts and sectors. The list includes from all walks of like.Stories like these are common. Mogalamma, a 22 year old woman who built community based organisations despite being affected by Polio. Saddam Basha, an auto rickshaw driver, who gave up his livelihood to go to the Gujarat camps after the 2002 riots to work on peace building initiatives. Mahadev Rajmane, who was working for the legal rights of poor prisoners after having been denied his rights and completed a prison term that was much longer than expected. Mangala Khillo, a bonded laborer, who after freeing himself was working for the release and rehabilitation of others in similar plight. We feel very passionate about such brave deeds and want to hounour these unsung heroes through the KVP awards.


It is better to light a Candle then curse the darkness


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