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KVP Awardees 2008-09

Lifetime Achievement KVP

Late Major General R.S. Pannu

After spending 36 long years in the Indian Army, Major General Raghubir Singh Pannu devoted his life in the service of people through voluntary sector. A man of great courage, having been a front line soldier, he became the think tank of Help Age India in 1984. Help Age, then a six year old organization, was put on the map as India's leading charity during his 12 year tenure. He conceived and executed a 10 year plan that brought more than 430 NGOs under Help Age India's umbrella. Major General R.S. Pannu became the first President and Managing Trustee at the Global Cancer Concern India during 2000. He became a sought after crusader for many international bodies for tackling global issues. He will be remembered for his unique contribution to the development of the voluntary sector in India. His experience, knowledge, achievements and total dedication to the service of humanity will remain a role model.

Lifelong Fight For Social Justice KVP

Pamela Gale Malhotra

Mrs. Pamela Malhotra is the Co-chairperson and Secretary of the Sai Sanctuary Trust. She has years of experience behind her as the primary caretaker of animals at Sanctuary. She has been both the author and subject of several articles/ interviews/film documentaries on the environment, philosophy, politics and education. Graduated Summa cum Laude (Valedictorian) at the Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA with a double major in Political Science and History, she is also trained in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Abnormal Psychology; Reiki Master healer, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Vibrionics therapy. She continues charity work, as the only health professional in remote villages in the Himalayas and in Kodagu District.

Corporate Citizen Chairperson KVP- Holistic Media Initiatives


Ms. Indu Jain is the Chairperson of The Times Group and the President of The Times Foundation, which she carefully guides. The Times Foundation has garnered international acclaim for its often pioneering, activities in the field of development. Under her direction, The Times Foundation runs Community Services, Research Foundation and Times Relief Fund for disaster relief like floods, cyclones, earthquakes and epidemics. Ms. Jain is also the founder President of the Ladies wing of FICCI (FLO) and the Chairperson of the Bharatiya Jnanpith Foundation. Ms. Jain is also the guiding force behind The Oneness Forum, formally launched by the President of India in 2003. Spreading the message of 'Peace Within First', she spearheads a movement to spread the principles of peace globally.

Corporate Citizen CSR Head KVP

Pooran Pandey

Pooran Pandey has been working as Director, Times Foundation based at New Delhi, fostering a collective voice for the civil society in making the society just, equitable and sustainable. Over the years, he developed expertise through exposure in varied fields in facilitation, co-ordination and liaison with government agencies at all levels, donor agencies, civil society organizations, NGOs, media and corporate houses with a CSR mandate. He has worked as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Voluntary Action Network India (VANI) based at New Delhi from 2004 - 2006. As the CEO, he was responsible for overall operations of the secretariat based in Delhi and has been performing multi-dimensional roles in execution and administration of plans. Recently, he led the launch of TEACH INDIA, India's biggest volunteer driven educational program for underprivileged children, with a core team in four metros. Currently, he is leading setting up rural assets for Tsunami victims in Chennai and Earthquake affected victims in Jammu, besides leading the launch of group's flagship educational project in Bangalore.

Corporate Citizen KVP- Holistic CSR Initiatives

CEO - Ajay Bijli

As the founder and the trustee of PVR Nest - the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of PVR Ltd, Mr. Ajay Bijli has provided the vision to PVR's CSR social intervention plan. The vision includes establishing PVR Community Centres for the youth, children and families to come together for their joy, happiness and fulfillment. Under his guidance, the PVR CSR team encourages dialogues and partnership with civil societies, people, organizations, corporate bodies and NGOs. They have evolved successful activities like Childscapes, Street to School, PVR Ki Paathshala, Green PVR, Green films, PVR e-Cycle, PVR Lifeline, Childwatch and other interesting activities.

CSR Head - Deepa Menon

Deepa has worked extensively with the development sector and with diverse civil society organizations in different capacities. She has worked in Katha, Heinrich Böll Foundation India, ActionAid International, SARI/Equity. As CSR head of PVR Cinemas, her vision is a just society with Dignity and Respect for poor children around the multiplexes. The PVR Pathshaala is an initiative that has been nurtured by her, along with others like Childscapes, Street to School, Green PVR, Green films, PVR e-Cycle, PVR Lifeline and Childwatch. These initiatives are instrumental in touching almost 275 children today; the number will only grow by leaps and bounds in the near future.

Corporate Executive Citizen KVP

Meera Sanyal

Meera H. Sanyal is Country Executive -ABN AMRO Bank, India & Chairperson, ACES. Meera is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. Meera is an active participant in various Sustainable Development initiatives of the Bank that focus on children, women and environment. She is the Chairperson of ABN AMRO Foundation India, set up in 2006, works closely with microfinance institutions in some of the poorest regions in India, building their capacities for effective delivery of microfinance services. The most unique feature of AAFI is its comprehensive approach in addressing the issue of financial inclusion. AAFI has planned various initiatives to achieve its ambition of being a catalyst in making the poor self reliant, while balancing the goal of revenue generation.

Corporate CEO KVP

Ashok Kurien

Ammada Trust is funded primarily by Ashok Kurien, who has ensured that the Trust's work to help the needy will continue even after him. The objectives of Ammada Trust, registered with the Commissioner of Charities as a public trust in March 2001, are to help the poor and needy, irrespective of caste or creed, in areas of health, education and self-improvement. The Ammada Trust has supported more than 3000 health cases and 200 small entrepreneurs, sponsored the education of close to 1000 children and helped nearly 300 NGOs in addition to several community based projects. Ashok Kurien is also a Patron of the Maharastra Dyslexic Association, and regularly counsels children and parents at a number of learning disability schools/institutions.

Global Indian KVP

DR. Venkat Pulla

Dr Venkat Pulla has been a practicing social worker for the last three decades. A graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Community Development, he has taken social work into varied situations with his practice. Along with a number of his colleagues, his work in Strengths-Based Practices (SbPs) concentrates on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups and organizations deploying peoples' personal strengths to aid their recovery and their empowerment. Dr. Venkat Pulla has founded the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practices, which innovates and advances a variety of training methodologies that actively interact and manage change. He is currently the Vice President of the Australian Association of Social Workers and is a member of the accreditation panel for schools of social work in Australia. To Venkat, there is only one perspective of human rights: 'That no one is ever abused, harmed and ever violated'.

DR. Sailesh Rao

Dr. Sailesh Rao is the Founder and President of Climate Healers, Inc., a non-profit corporation registered in California, USA. The primary goal of Climate Healers is to design and deploy meaningful and sustainable grassroots solutions to combat global climate change. Prior to founding Climate Healers, Dr. Rao, a serial entrepreneur, founded and led a number of successful ventures in the field of communications technologies. He was responsible for developing the world's first single-chip real-time MPEG video encoder, the IEEE 100BASET2 Ethernet standard, and the IEEE Gigabit Ethernet on Copper (1000BASE-T) standard that is currently deployed in millions of computers worldwide. Climate Healers has designed an incentive based scheme to drive the adoption of solar cookers in communities, providing solar cookers, LED lights and mobile phones at no cost to community members. Climate Healers is funded by patrons, who are typically individuals and organizations interested in solving the climate crisis with grassroots approaches that also have the potential to empower and emancipate the 2 Billion people at the bottom of the pyramid. Their contributions can be viewed as a voluntary carbon offset mechanism and are used exclusively for the project.

Real Wealth Creators for Communities KVP

Rajendra Joshi

Mr. Rajendra Joshi has been working for 24 years in the development sector at grassroots, program, organizational and policy advocacy levels, on issues affecting the urban poor. He has formulated strategies for city and state level implementation and translated these into programs and activities, achieving measurable success. He has promoted and sustained institutions that are working at state, city and community levels. He has provided leadership to such institutions, accessed and managed resources and fostered collaborations. Mr. Rajendra Joshi established Saath as an NGO in Ahmedabad in February 1989. Under his leadership, Saath has grown to an organization that now works in 8 towns and two districts in Gujarat and 6 districts in Rajasthan. Today Saath has 180 employees and an annual budget of about Rs. 5 Crores.

Vipin Sharma

For the past 25 years, Vipin Sharma's work and interest have been closely linked to access to resources, capital, services and markets for the poor. As a development banker, technical resource provider and practitioner, he has been concerned with broadening the scope of development interventions to affirm the rights of poor people. His work in NABARD, at RUDA and at CARE, and more recently as the CEO of ACCESS, has been primarily focused in this direction. He played a significant role in linking the first SHGs to formal financial institutions in 1992. A significant global initiative that he led is the structuring of the Microfinance India summit. Over 25 years, by both design and default, his work has increasingly focused on the challenges that the poor face. He has been able to work at various levels - technical support to governments, building national platforms and informing and influencing policy. Over 3 Million women have been benefited in small or big ways, encouraging bigger ambitions for ACCESS.

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